TOTS: Texas Outdoor Target Series

Saturday, May 31st 2014
Practice starts 10:00 am

13751 Clay Rd, Houston, TX 77043

Registration $20 / Yeoman $10 - Pay here.
Registration Type

Buffalo Field Archery Club

Texas 1080 distance and target sizes will be gender and discipline - neutral, and are as follows:
  • Adults and Juniors: 70/50/30 meters
  • Cadets & 'Adult/Junior Barebow': 60/50/30 meters
  • Cubs & 'Cadet Barebow': 50/30/20 meters
  • Bowman:& 'Cub Barebow': 30/25/20 meters
  • 'Bowman Barebow' : 20/15/10 meters (and are encouraged to shoot up if not challenged by these distances)
Non-competitive division:
  • Yeoman: 20/15/10 meters - no awards, but recognition is given.

Target sizes will be 122/80/60 cm. The larger target at the longest distance, next smaller target at middle distance, etc.

Multiple target faces per bale will be available for compound archers (5-ring 80 cm faces) and for all archers at their closest distance to allow for six-arrow ends in the interest of time. 

Level 1 Certification Class

June 29th
9am - 5pm
Big Kountry Shooting
1204 Farm to Market 1462
Alvin, TX 77511
Cost: $60

A Level 1 Instructor is most closely associated with a "grassroots" program that is short-term in scope and focused on introducing basic archery skills to beginners. 

  • You will learn: Range safety, range set-up, basic equipment setup and repair, and how to teach the basic steps of shooting.
  • Length of Course: 4-12 hours
  • Prerequisites: Minimum age: 15
  • Certification period: Three years
  • Any Level 1 Instructor who wants individual insurance coverage will need to become a member of USA Archery and complete a background check
Level 2 Certification Class

July 12th/13th
9am - 5pm, both days
Pearland Recreation Center and Natatorium
4141 Bailey Rd
Pearland, TX 77584
Cost: $100

A Level 2 Instructor works with a more established archery program such as J.O.A.D., A.S.A.P., college clubs and local clubs with a strong beginner component. 
  • You will learn: Basic shooting steps, introduce intermediate shooting steps, safety, range set-up; equipment setup and repair, fitting equipment to an archer, how to teach archery and how to teach a Level 1 Instructor Course. 
  • Length of Course: 12-20 hours 
  • Prerequisites: Minimum age: 18, USA Archery or NFAA membership, Successful background screen, successful completion of SafeSport training
  • Certification period: Three years.
  • Instructors with a successful background screen are eligible for insurance benefits. 
  • No certification will be processed without membership and a successful background screen.